“Throughout my life, the one constant remains - regardless of what job I hold or how old I am or what the rest of the world is doing or not doing - I DRESS!“

Tziporah Salamon, born Netanya, Israel 1950 (Two By Two Client #3, 2021)

Tziporah Salamon is a celebrated fashion icon, designer, raconteur, author, model, and legendary New York style icon-about-town. Tziporah is a favorite subject of such acclaimed photographers and artists as The New York Times late, great Bill Cunningham, Ike’ Ude’, and Ari Seth Cohen. She elevates the act of dressing to an art form and whether styling herself or others, her creations are beautiful, harmonious and always original. The irrepressible voice and champion of women who dare to dress, “Tzippy” has spent a lifetime collecting remarkable antique clothes, hats and accessories, assembling them into into ecstatic sui generis outfits she shares with the world from the seat of her pink Shinola bicycle and turquoise Bianchi bike. She’s modeled for Lanvin, Australian Vogue, TJ Maxx, Lulu Frost, Michael Hill; New York Magazine, Avenue, Collectors on Collecting, Emirates’ Woman, the LA Times, T Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Zoomer, Buffalo Today, and V Magazine. Hadassah Magazine and the New York Times have featured her story and astonishing creations. She appears in the book and documentary Advanced Style as well as the new book Street Unicorns by Robbie Quinn, 2022.

“Having been born in Israel to parents who were both professional tailors, I grew up surrounded by the richness of cloth and design. From day one, I was the best dressed girl in town and delighted in dressing and showing off my exceptional wardrobe, custom-made by my parents”.

Tziporah Salamon, Chinese New Year Lipstick 2022
Tziporah Salamon
Random Meeting in Tribeca, NYC 2020
Tziporah Salamon, Chinese New Year 2022
Tziporah Salamon, Down by The River, NYC 2021
Tziporah Salamon, Manhattan Vintage 2022
Tziporah Salamon,
Governor's Island Jazz Age Lawn Party 2022
Tziporah Salamon, Jazz Age Lawn Party,
Governor's Island NY 2021
Tziporah Salamon, The Cloisters 2022
Tziporah Salamon, The Loft Museum, 2022
Tziporah Salamon, Mansion Life
Governor's Island NY 2021
Tziporah Salamon
Rowing with Tzippy, Central Park 2021
Tziporah Salamon, Hudson River Chic, NYC 2021

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