Edwina Sandys

"I intend my art to be a potent view of the wit and wisdom
I experience on my journey through life."

Edwina Sandys, born in The United Kingdom 1938 (Two By Two Client #9, 2023)

During the past 40 years Edwina has created art of international acclaim that includes sculpture and paintings. For the 1979 United Nations’ Year of the Child, she created three different monumental sculptures, installed at UN centers in New York, Geneva and Vienna. A decade later she created Woman Free for the United Nations’ Division for the Advancement of Women, Vienna, Austria. In 1989, to mark the end of the Cold War, Edwina used sections of the Berlin Wall to create a sculpture, Breakthrough, now permanently sited at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. Subsequently, Edwina created BreakFree, also cut out from the Berlin Wall, for the Freedom Court at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library at Hyde Park, New York.

In 2007 Edwina’s Pillars of Justice was installed in front of the Toronto Law Courts at the McMurtry Gardens of Justice. The 20-foot-wide aluminum sculpture consists of a stylized courthouse facade supported by pillars shaped like men and women. These represent the jury, the part of the legal system in which the public most often participates. “People are the pillars of justice,” she says.

Edwina does not focus solely on political subjects, but frequently explores the relationships between woman and man. Major works include her series The States of Woman for the New York Academy of Sciences, which include her iconic Eve’s Apple, and The Marriage Bed, which is in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum.

British-born Edwina Sandys is also a United States citizen and has been a New Yorker since the 1970s.

Through her unique life experience, Edwina relates her work to the global issues of our time; environment, equality, war and peace, and in particular women’s causes, and emancipation. Her art  now reaches a broad audience through the PBS biographical documentary One Bite of the Apple and her book Edwina Sandys ART.


Mascara, 1975. Bronze resin, 24 in.
Hands On, 1990. Statuary marble
with color inlay, height 38 in.
Flirtation, 1994. Bronze, 8 in
Goddess with Dog, 1990. Marble, 6 ft. 8 in.
Hands, 1990. Statuary marble, height 41 in.
Silhouette Sisters, 1977. Statuary marble, height 33 in.
Pisces Lady, 1990. Statuary marble, 48 x 23 x 9 in.
Sunflower Woman, 1998. Painted aluminum,
height 8 ft 8 in. Collection Henry Buhl.
Figurehead Angel, 2008. Painted aluminum, height 8 ft. Collection Robert & Millicent Monks.
Guardian Angel #1, 2003. Painted aluminum, height 9 ft. Collection Anna & William Mann.
Delilah, 1986. Polypropylene and mixed media, 8 ft.
Biological Clock, 1994. Stainless steel, 38 in.
Target of Abuse, 1994. Mixed media, 37 in.
Tactile Woman, 2000. Painted tailor’s dummy
on metal stand, height 72 in.
Literary Woman, 2000. Painted mannequin, 60 in.

Paintings & Drawings

Crustacean, 1972.
Acrylic and ink on paper, 20 x 20 in.
Catfish in the Library, 1990.
Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 32 in.
Taurus in the Library, 1990.
Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 in.
Adam & Eve—Eclipse of the Sun, 1986.
Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 in.
Double Vision, 1972. Lithograph, 22 x 32 in.
Green Nude, 1970. Pen and ink on paper, 16 x 24 in.
[no title] 1977 Edwina Sandys born 1938 Presented by Curwen Studio 1978 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/P06813
Nail Varnish, 1977.
Ink and nail varnish on paper, 11.6 in. x 17.13 in.
Torso Bright, 2011. Digital collage, 11 x 17 in.
The Party, 2002. Pen and ink on paper, 8 x 11 in.


Pillars of Justice, 2007. Steel, 18 x 15 ft. McMurtry Gardens of Justice, Toronto Courthouse, Toronto, Canada.
Eve’s Apple, 1998. Painted steel, 12 ft.
Windsor Sculpture Park, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Woman Free, 1989. Marble 15 ft.
Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria
Breakthrough, 1990. Painted concrete, 12 x 32 ft. Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri.