Two by Two Projects

Two by Two Media strives to engage and support our artists in order to empower and enhance their artistic practices.
Here are some some of our ongoing engagements with our artists. 

Two By Two Artist ‘Zines in collaboration with Dashwood Books, NYC
First Edition. SIGNED.
5 1/4 x 8 inches

Ironic Reality - Flo Fox
Raw - Donna Ferrato
Duos - Meryl Meisler
Flo Fox (2020)
Weekly Visits – Photo Talk / 32 years
Photo Editing & Consultation
Harpers Bazaar Australia Interview
Leica Society Interview
Fine Art Book – In Progress
West Murray (2020)
Website revamp/Portfolios/Bio, etc.
Connect Social Media
Correct Links for Blurb Books
Online Store of Vintage Collectibles
Hacker & Virus Cleanup
Create Password List & Image files
Connect w/ Manhattan Vintage
Tziporah Salamon (2021)
Consultation & Promotion
Location Shoots all over NYC
Photo & Video documentation
Digital Slideshows
Meryl Meisler (2022)
Website Updates
Master Press List
Email Blasts / Press Releases
Donna Bassin (2021)
Art Consultation
Image Promotion
Salimah Ali (2022)
Photography Consultation
Image Promotion
Website Design – In Progress
Sheila Schwid (2022)
Photography Consultation
Artwork Promotion
Instagram Account – In Progress
Website Revamp – In Progress
Edwina Sandys (2023)