Meryl Meisler

“For me, photography is a form of visual memoir. I don’t go to photograph; I photograph where I’m going.”

Meryl Meisler, born in the South Bronx, NY 1951, raised in North Massapequa, Long Island, NY (Two By Two Client #5, 2022)

Inspired by Diane Arbus, Jacques-Henri Lartigue and her dad Jack Meisler’s passion for photography, Meryl Meisler enrolled in her first photography class in 1973, taught by Cavalliere Ketchum at The University of Wisconsin – Madison. She moved to NYC in 1975 to study with the legendary Lisette Model; while documenting her own life, with her camera screwed to her quirky eye. When Meryl retired from being an NYC Public School Art Teacher in 2010, she began releasing her archives. As time capsules of New York in the seventies and eighties, her shots are a simultaneous celebration of discos and strip clubs, her Jewish family and Long Island suburb, or intermediate school life in one of Brooklyn’s toughest neighborhoods. Impertinent and comical, Meryl captures in black and white or color moments of pure joy at the center of daily hardships, plunging us into a fascinating time and city.

Meryl Meisler lives and works in New York City and Woodstock, NY, continuing the photographic memoir she began in 1973 – a uniquely American story, sweet and sassy with a pinch of mystery. ClampArt represents her work.

Photographing on the Bowery, NYC 1977
Mom getting her hair teased at Besame Salon
North Massapequa, NY 1979
Woodmere, NY
Shapiros TV
Bar Mitvah Dance
Birthday Cake Kiss
Mrs. Israel & Mom
Boys Pose in Front of Car,
Palmetto St., Brooklyn, NY, December 1983
Boy in Tire, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 1984
Boyz to Men
Double Dutch
Palmetto St. Brooklyn NY 1983
Bushwick After the Ashes
Go Go Dancer
Leaning on Car
Studio 54, NYC 1978
Wild Wild West
Hurrah, NYC
Bare Breasted Bartender
Two Disco Balls and Smoke 1977
White Party,
Les Mouche, NYC 1978
The End, 1978
Patou within a Tree
Studio 54, NYC 1978
Leg Up
Studio 54, NYC
Triple Hold
Ice Palace, Cherry Grove NY
Silver Boots stretched on the Floor
Studio 54, NYC 1977