Sheila Schwid

"I paint on panels with oils. In my paintings people keep going through the interruptions of their lives symbolized by the shapes that disrupt them."

Sheila Schwid, born Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1932 (Two By Two Client #7, 2022)

First I work from nature. These works are sometimes complete in themselves. I work towards compositions and color that show us the scene and the feeling of the moment.
Then I take my work inside to my studio to go farther into the world of paint as inspired by nature. Colors, shapes, forms, line, and placement are the tools of modern art. This internal world is well worth exploring. Thank you camera. Now we can jump back to the world of spirit and symbolism and forward to, who knows what, new ways of seeing and creating, But I take my original work from nature seriously. It keeps me from making arbitrary decisions. It reminds me of the original excitement that caused me to paint these paintings, and keeps me in the agony of solving the problem, “how do I show them what I saw and felt.”