“I am drawn to the beauty of the imperfect and to nature. And while my art is photo-based, I often depart from the traditional frame to erase boundaries and create a three-dimensional materiality”

Donna Bassin, born in Brooklyn NY, 1950 (Two By Two Client #4, 2021)

I am a photo-based artist shaped by my clinical practice as a trauma psychologist. Both my practices of art-making and psychotherapy are fueled by my desire to participate in the healing of personal and social injuries and injustices. Fundamental to all my photographic projects is the search to make the elusive experience of trauma and loss visible. Trauma is characterized by an overwhelming event that has yet to be processed and metabolized. Art-making makes possible representations of experiences felt but previously unthought and unknown.

I have experimented with various light-catching devices: pinhole and toy cameras, film and digital cameras, and iPhones. I employ beauty and the experiences of the human body to call us into an encounter and then witness the challenging emotions of these dark and turbulent times.

Environmental Melancholia

My Own Witness: Rupture and Repair

Precious Scars