Two by Two media is a service organization, no fees are exchanged and bartering is welcomed.
This is not work, this is friendship.

Founded in 2020 by photographer Gigi Stoll, Two By Two Media provides women artists over age 68 free technical, marketing and consulting support—and the critical inspiration and personal attention they need to thrive. 

Today Two By Two Media works with seven incredible women artists, ranging from 68–90 years old.

Two by Two is growing, and needs support, both financially and voluntarily. These resources help female artists over age 68 to continue pursuing and growing their careers.

How Two By Two Media Got Started

When Gigi Stoll landed in New York City from San Antonio, Texas in 1990, she had two goals: pursue her photography career and give back to her adopted city. “Being of service has always been the best therapy for me,” Gigi says. So, starting that first year in New York, Gigi began volunteering with the Red Cross visiting elder New Yorkers and children. 

Over the next two decades, Gigi was an active volunteer with AIDS/HIV-service organization Bailey House, Meals on Wheels, the Police Athletic League, Make-A-Wish Foundation, New York Cares, and SAGE (Services & Advocacy for LGBT Elders). And, since 2008, Gigi travels around the world with Operation International, a pediatric medical mission, to document the teams of doctors who perform free surgeries for children in Kenya, Ghana, Myanmar, Jamaica, Egypt and other countries.


Then Covid hit, and like many New Yorkers, Gigi was isolated in her apartment, unable to engage in the service work that sustained her. She knew, though, that she wasn’t alone. She thought about her dear friend, photographer Flo Fox, 77 stuck at home in Chelsea.

“We had always had an almost symbiotic, artistic friendship since meeting in 1991, and we were no longer able to meet for our weekly photography talks and creative projects.” Gigi thought, too, of other older female artists, similarly isolated and perhaps with archives of important work that wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. “I kept thinking about them shuttered away, perhaps without a platform or voice for their work or the technical or marketing skills to get their art into the public eye.”

Working at first over Zoom, and then in-person as the pandemic eased, Gigi was able to visit with Flo and engage and inspire each other while photographing the isolated streets of NYC. She also reached out to a second friend, photographer West Murray, whom she had met in 2017. “I found myself helping her weekly, late into the night in Tribeca with her website, connecting her to social platforms and online book publishing, and I noticed how this all made us both so happy,” Gigi says.

“Flo Fox has been the organic inspiration for it all. The two of us working, two by two, and onward to the next artist, empowering each along the way,” Gigi adds.

Two by Two is growing, and excited to assist additional women artists over the age of 68 with the support they need to pursue their careers, and more important, thrive in a world that so often ignores older women.

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Gigi Stoll & Flo Fox - NYC 1991
Gigi Stoll & Flo Fox - NYC 1991
5. Gigi_Flo_Requested_7x6_12 Catherine Kirkpatrick 2012
Gigi Stoll & Flo Fox, NYC 2012 © Catherine Kirkpatrick