Two by Two media is a non-profit organization, no fees are exchanged and bartering is welcomed.
This is not work, this is friendship.

When Gigi Stoll, the founder and visionary behind Two by Two Media landed in NYC in 1990, she began volunteering with various organizations in order to give back to society via service. “It has always been the best therapy for me.”   At that time, Gigi started volunteering with the Red Cross visiting elder New Yorkers and children. She has worked with Bailey House (those living with HIV/AIDS), Meals on Wheels, PAL (Police Athletic League), Make A Wish, NY Cares, and SAGE (Services & Advocacy for LGBT Elders). As a SAGE friendly visitor, she shared time with the same elder, Frank Carter, for 7 years until his death. Since 2008, Gigi also travels around the world with a pediatric medical mission documenting a team of doctors who perform free surgeries to children in impoverished countries.

During the summer of 2020, because of the pandemic she had to pause on volunteering. Isolated in her apt,  she thought about her dear friend Flo Fox in Chelsea and how she was also stuck at home. “We’ve had a symbiotic, artistic friendship since meeting each other serendipitously in 1991, and we were unable to meet in person any longer for our weekly photography talks and creative projects.” This time inspired Gigi to think of other older female artists and how they must be sitting on these enormous archives and not have any technical knowledge or marketing skills to share their art with the public. “I kept thinking about their work rotting away without inspiration or a platform or voice for their work.” 

She decided to help a friend, photographer West Murray whom she met at a party in 2017 “I found myself helping her weekly, late into the night in Tribeca with her website, connecting her social platforms and online book publishing, etc. and I noticed how this all made her so happy, just like Flo.” These meetings inspired both artists to dig up more of their work to share with Gigi and Two by Two Media was born.

“Flo Fox has been the organic inspiration for it all. The two of us work, two by two, by two by two and onward to the next artist, empowering each artist along the way.

Today Gigi Stoll is working with 6 incredible female artists. Each one a wonder with a rich and fascinating fabric of artistic experience. Most artists are in their 70’s, ranging from 68-76 years old.

Two by Two is growing, and needs support, both financially and with volunteers. The resources will assist select female artists over the age of 70 to get the technical help and inspiration they need with their art.

“Life does not end at 70, there IS no age limit to creativity, art or friendship.” – Gigi Stoll 

Gigi Stoll & Flo Fox - NYC 1991
Gigi Stoll & Flo Fox, NYC 1991
Gigi, Flo & Meryl NYC 2018
Gigi Stoll, Flo Fox, Meryl Meisler, NYC 2018
5. Gigi_Flo_Requested_7x6_12 Catherine Kirkpatrick 2012
Gigi Stoll & Flo Fox, NYC 2012 © Catherine Kirkpatrick
Gigi, West & Tziporah - Odeon, NYC 2022
Sheila & Gigi, NYC 2022
Gigi & West, Tribeca 2021
Flo & Gigi, NYC 2022
Gigi & Tzippy, WSH, NY 2021
Gigi & Flo at De Buck Gallery Opening NYC 2014
Gigi & Flo, © Catherine Kirkpatrick 2012
Gigi & Tziporah, NYC 2021